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The idea of opening yourself to love again is paralyzing. Your past heartbreaks have left you petrified at the thought of being open like that again. Being vulnerable enough to allow someone in again is triggering + traumatic. The hopeless romantic in you won’t let the hope of love and being loved to die. However, every time you get close to what feels like love, you push it away or self-sabotage. You somehow think it’s too good to be true or you are simply not worthy/too hard to love. ⁣

Flashbacks of the wreckage + carnage your heart-shattering heartaches have left behind come rushing back to memory thus bursting your love bubble. Taking a chance on love again and again and again only to end up alone is a risk you are no longer willing to take. You feel like you’ve given all there is to give of your heart and your exes have taken all there is to take. ⁣

Believe me, when I tell you, there’s more. You have more. You are worthy and deserving of more. And I need you to promise yourself that you’ll keep trying…not one more time…but as many more times as it takes to find your true love. ⁣

It’s a huge risk. But the pursuit of love is worth it. You, are worth it. ⁣

Worth + The Risk

  • Green Aventurine

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