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What are waistbeads?

Energy is everything...

Turquoise + Salt's Wasitbeads are adornment used to cultivate positive energy within you and around you. These healing vibrations are drawn forth by calling on the power of Mother Nature.  Strands are handcrafted and their electric designs are richly inspired by all things wild delicious that exist in our world.


Their origins are deeply rooted in Africa. Various cultures wore them for different reasons.

  • Ancient Weight Scale to monitor and keep a conscious mind on the physical changes of our bodies.

  • Adornment for the attraction and pleasure of another.  

  • Signify the coming of age from girlhood to womanhood.

  •  Protection 

Why we make them:


  • They are a great tool for practicing mindfulness. Helping you harness the energy you want around you and cultivate the energy you want within you. Keeping you present and aware of your physical and metaphysical pressure points. They can also be used to draw out negative energy and things you want to get rid of in the body.


  • If you wish, they help you maintain, monitor and track your weight. 


  • Tying and wearing them is an act of self love and adornment and tapping into our feminine energy. 


  • Many of us symbolize the tying of them to setting/binding of our intentions.​

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