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They said, “Oh no, don’t dig down there.”⁣⁣

They said “Oh no, we’re not going to talk about it.” ⁣⁣

They said “Oh no, let’s not go there.”⁣⁣

They said, “Oh no, you won’t like what you find.”⁣⁣


I am here for the mess. ⁣⁣

I am here for the drama... if that’s what it takes. ⁣⁣

I am here for the breaking ⁣⁣

Of generational trauma⁣⁣


It’s going to make some folks uneasy⁣⁣

But ain’t shit about this life EVER been easy ⁣⁣


I’m am ⁣⁣

Getting on my knees⁣⁣

Rolling up my sleeves⁣⁣

Planting my magic seeds⁣⁣

It’s time to get dirty. ⁣⁣


I said, “I don’t think you heard me!”⁣⁣


“This is MY Unearthing!”⁣⁣

::Un + Earthed::

To be unearthed is to find something through digging. There’s so much pressure to “let the past stay in the past.” and although we mustn’t LIVE in the past, sometimes we’ve got to do some digging.

Before we plant our magic seeds for growth, digging is required. We must study the nutrients of the soil in order to see if the soil (we are the soil) has favorable conditions for transformation. It order to do this we must dig and dig and dig so that seed (our intentions) is planted deep within us. If you want to see your true gifts come to fruition, there must be some digging.

You might find some ugly things. Dirty, nasty, yucky things. Some might even encourage you to stop digging because of what they don’t want you to find. And based on what you find, you might have to have some uncomfortable conversations with some folks.

But this is necessary. Your growth. Your healing. Your journey is necessary. You are necessary.

It’s been long enough. You’ve been silent and kept things locked up in the shed long enough. It’s time to be unearthed.

Un + Earthed

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