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“She who creates herself.” 
You are not your hurt. You are not your pain. 
You are a survivor. A live—er. Thriver. 
Re-inventor of self. Doing you wrong is bad for their health. Captivator. Move maker. Earth shaker. Village Sister. Lover. Depend on her. Voyager. Wander. Nomad. Hippie. Gypsy. Wolf. Healer. 
Always the exception. Covered with divine protection. Warrior. Smarter than you look. Should have been gone but you’re still here. 
You are meant to be here. Purposeful. Necessary. More than worthy. Prototype. Divinely feminine. Kryptonite. Good to the last bite. 
Ti + Mi + Amor 
you, my love…..Are everything and then some. 


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