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Round and round we go...where we stop...nobody knows... but you know we need to stop. When does it stop? The replays...the obsessing...the "If only, I coulda, shoulda...". The truth is, there is nothing you could have done or said to have changed the outcome. If things were meant to be diffent– they would be. Haven't you said...enough? Haven't you done...enough? Didn't you give your all? Don't you know that you're...enough? Let go of the unsaid things. May it be a lost friendship, relationship, or loss of a loved one's life. Promise you...they knew. Whatever it was you wish you would have said...they knew. The Universe knew. Closure is an illusion of the mind.Let's reclaim it. You. Are. Free. Say it. I am free. Chakras: Throat, Root, Sacaral* (w/ Citrine)NOTE: DO TO LIMITED SUPPLIES, THE CENTER FOCAL BEAD MAY VARRY BY SHAPE, SIZE, COLOR, AND TYPE. 

The Unsaid + Things

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