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You need tending to too. You tend to everybody else but yourself. You have been taking care of others' needs, wants, and desires, making concessions, considerations, and accommodations, and putting yours to the side and on the back burner. This is happening with family, friends, children, in the work place. By the time you get around to considering what it is you want, you’re too burnt the FUC% out to even fulfill or satisfy your needs. Meanwhile everyone that you take care of is sitting pretty and still asking more of you…. WHAT THE?!


Who’s going to tend to YOU if you don’t?


The intention of this strand is to serve as a reminder that you need Tending + Too. It’s your time. Your season to tend to you.

Tending + Too

  • Lavender

    Amethyst Color


    Brownish Orange

    Deep Plum

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