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Soft + Renaissance⁣

Come. Come… back… here….⁣

to you. ⁣

Return to soft.⁣

You are a safe space ⁣

reborn ⁣

into calm and rest. ⁣

Holding space for yourself ⁣

and for all things feminine, gentle, easy, fragile, vulnerable, tender and beautiful is your birth right. ⁣

You need not require ⁣

the permissions ⁣

of anyone else’s ⁣

but your own. ⁣

So just give it already. ⁣

It is time. To show yourself the patience, understanding, dedication, and nurturing energy that you are constantly + so freely pouring into others. ⁣

Be stingy with yourself. Be selfish + selective with your time, heart, feels, words…access.⁣

Chip away the hardened exterior life has layered upon you. ⁣

Tap back into that delicate energy of all things that make you feel, move, and experience what it means to be feminine. Your definition of femininity. Whatever that looks like for you. A whole person. Made up of many intricate detailed pieces.⁣

Life’s difficulties have made some parts sharp. Some jagged. You’ve got yourself gripped so tight in the name of protecting yourself, your serrated edges are cutting + bruising your own skin. ⁣

Drop your weapons. If you feel like you have to always be on guard and keep your dukes up, it’s time to change the environment and/or the people surrounding you. ⁣

You are deserving of a soft life. You are worthy of being able to relax + sink into the silky soft pieces of yourself you are seeking to learn about. ⁣

Welcome to the university of soft. You have begun your journey into the ⁣

Soft Renaissance ⁣


Soft + Renaissance

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