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Sister + Sister ⁣


It’s true. “Blood is thicker than water.” When this is said it’s meant to mean that family is above everything. But sometimes family is not about who you share blood with. Family is who you’ve shared your truth with and received no judgement.


Family is who’s held you when you need holding. Family is who has lifted you up when you could barely stand. Family is who speaks life into when you lose sight that life is worth living. I feel like what we share goes deeper than DNA. ⁣ sometimes it’s the ones that you share DNA with that hurt you the most. ⁣


Yes. Blood is thicker than water. However, when it comes to my sisters, my tribe, we might not share blood, but we’d shed blood over protecting each other if you mess with one of us and use water to clean up the evidence. ⁣ ⁣


We are bound by love. Bound by tears. We are each other’s safe haven. We are bound. My sister + sisters. ⁣


⁣ •Turquoise Colored Beads: Throat + Heart chakra⁣

• Carnelian: Root Chakra

⁣ • 18k Gold* ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ 

Sister + Sister

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