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Married or not. Boyfriend, spouse, significant other, partner or not. Your body is YOUR body. No one has the right to take your body and do as they desire if what they desire is not in alignment with you. ⁣

Unfortunately, sometimes the one person that is supposed to protect us is the one that hurts us. ⁣

Giving in or not fighting back (letting them have it) doesn’t mean you wanted it. The occurrence of it not being brutal or violent doesn’t make it any less wrong nor does being in a relationship with the abuser not make it what it is. Let’s call it what it is. ⁣

Rape. ⁣

When this happens, especially when there are children to consider, we opt to remain silent and sacrifice our voice and our pursuit of justice. ⁣

This strand is made in solidarity for those of us that have suffered and continue to suffer in silence. There is no guilt or shame in staying silent. I only pray that one day you have to courage to stand in your truth, speak up, and walk away. ⁣

For those of us that chose not to stay silent…⁣
NO regrets. No regrets. No regrets sis. None. ⁣

To report or not to report. Both decisions require a great deal of strength, sacrifice, and courage. ⁣

Let this strand cultivate that energy within you and around you. Let it be a reminder that you are not defined by what was taken from you and you, my dear, are not lost.
Don’t allow what someone did to you to take you away from you too. ⁣

Silent + Tears

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