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'If praying hands left a residue... it would look like tears, sweat, spit, and black girl magic dripping from our fingertips to our elbows because no⁣⁣ one prays harder than we do."- Mimi


She got on her knees and closed her eyes

She slowly brought her hands to her face

She took a breath as if it were her last

⁣She began to pray

When she was done she exhaled

and felt at peace

upon opening her eyes

she fell back amazed

In her hands, she saw the evidence of her prayer...

her power...her magic.⁣


The Creator's answer in her hands, “Yes, I’m real. I Am here. I Am within you.”



Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but...⁣
Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Orishas...All of ‘em. ⁣

Whoever you pray to... when you’ve done all there is to do...⁣

Just pray.


All elements are glass. Accent beads are available while supplies last and we will do our best to honor your color preference. 

A Holy + Utterance

Accent Bead Preference (Not guaranteed)
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