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Inside of every woman is a wild spirit, a wolf spirit. This spirit shelters vital and powerful energy that is born from the spontaneity of her natural way of being. This feminine animal is also fierce, she knows how to protect herself from predators and overcomes lack of experience or naïveté. The wolf is strong and knows how to show off her strength, even if it has been dormant for a long time.⁣

Her wild side isn’t pure ferocity. She knows how to be the matriarch of her pack, she knows how to guide the others. She is capable of being the leader without fear or insecurity. She learns from her experiences and she knows how to take care of herself.⁣

The Wild Woman doesn’t submit to commands like modern women do in advertising. Nor does she allow others to tell her what path to take. The Wild Woman is creative, passionate, instinctive, and wise.⁣

Grey + Wolf

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