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{Follow + The Light}⁣

Oh baby. I wish I could wrap you in my warm embrace. I’d whisper in your ear, “You’re almost there. You can make it.” I know it’s hard. I know you’ve tired everything. You’ve given all that you could give. You’ve done all there was to do. I won’t let you believe you have nothing left. ⁣
It’s feels like you’re lost at sea…drowning…sister… just..focus. ⁣

Follow the light. ⁣
Breathe. ⁣
Follow the light. ⁣
Breathe. ⁣
Follow the light…..⁣

I know you’re tired. Honey. Don’t give up. Baby. Just follow the light. It will keep you safe. It will keep you from crashing. ⁣
Sinking. ⁣
Failing. ⁣

Follow the light. ⁣

…you are The Light. It’s in you. ⁣

Follow + The Light

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