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Bead Color Energy

The Throat Chakra (Blue Beads) – Visuddha To Express


Attracting Vibrations: Truth, purpose, expression, artistry, service communication

Affirmation: I know my truth and I share it. I am guided by my deepest purpose.

Understanding: The Throat chakra is about the expression of yourself: Your truth, purpose in life, creativity. This chakra has a natural connection with the sacral chakra, center of emotions and creativity as well. The throat chakra’s emphasis is on expressing and projecting the creativity into the world according to its perfect form or authenticity.

Signs of Imbalance: Feelings of insecurity, timidity, and introversion. On the other end of the spectrum, may also lead to gossiping, nonstop talking, and being verbally aggressive or mean. It can seem as though the filter between the discourse you have in your mind and what comes out of your mouth is not working, or missing entirely.

Malfunctions: lying, lack of purpose, fear of speaking

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