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You’re at the point where you’re past your becoming. You have arrived at this specific point at this specific time for a reason. You have become what you’re gonna be..for now. And now you’re in a time of reckoning and there’s no time for play play. You’re venturing in to a space few are meant to or even capable of following behind.⁣ Put an end to dead, old, past things.

Done begging, pleading, dragging and convincing. Flip the game over. Turn it upside. They either need to come with you to the deep end or get the fuck out the water.⁣

Listen To Song: Deep End by Foushee⁣
Bead Color: Indigo, Pale Mint, Transparent Baby Blue, Black, Rose Gold⁣
Chakras: Throat + Brow + Heart⁣

Deep + End

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