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Take Up + SpaceYou are tired of feeling ashamed for merely existing. You are tired of feeling unworthy of the space your breath occupies. You’re a contortionist. Constantly shrinking. Shriveling, bending, breaking and shutting up as to not offend. Not showing up as your authentic self because you’d hate to, “ruffle anyone’s feathers or step on anyone’s toes.”EF THAT!Are you ready to SCREAM? Are you ready to get a little, “F it” in your system?Open your mouth! Open your arms. Flail them around and jump up and down! Don’t just step on some toes. STOMP on those muthafu.....Boom! You have arrived. Now, take up space. As much as you need. Keep going. Keep growing. Take up spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

Take Up + Space

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