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⁣⁣We carry all the souls of our ancestors and their struggles. Each and every one of us. However, we must remember that through it all there is a transformation of change and perseverance and we must never forget our past, yet we must heal from it.


It’s your time to fly. You beautiful black butterfly⁣⁣




"The black and blue butterfly is a symbol of transformation and hope. Its wings’ dark and light colors represent the idea that even in the face of darkness, there is still beauty to be found. It is also associated with protection and stability, reminding us that we can find strength and safety even in uncertain times. The butterfly is a reminder that change is inevitable no matter what we experience, and new beginnings are possible."



“Morning light, silken dream to flight⁣⁣

As the darkness gave way to dawn⁣⁣

You’ve survived, now your moment has arrived⁣⁣

Now your dream has finally been born⁣⁣

Black Butterfly, sailed across the waters⁣⁣

Tell your sons and daughters ⁣⁣

What the struggle brings⁣⁣

Black Butterfly, set the skies on fire⁣⁣

Rise up even higher ⁣⁣

So the ageless winds of time can catch your wings…” ⁣⁣


Song by: Denice Williams ⁣⁣


Black + Butterfly

  • All Glass Beads

    Silver Colored Glass Accents



    Glass Center Accent Bead

    Various Blues


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