Warrior She Is :: You are a Warrior. You are stronger than you have ever been. Being strong is not a choice. You were born into this. You are resilient, kind, loving and protective. You will not falter. You will not fail. You are whole. You have everything you need to to succeed already inside of you.

•Smoky Quartz smooth beads
•Faceted Tiger’s Eye
•Rare Natural Blue Chalcedony Teardrops
•Rare Pink Australian Coral
•Carnelian Twist
• Brazilian Peach Quartz
•Rose Quartz Donuts
•Genuine Natural Pink Pearls


*All elements have been hand picked by Mimi personally from various destinations around the world.

**All elementals may vary in size shape and color. No two strands are exactly alike...one of a kind....

Warrior + She Is