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LAST DAY TO ORDER IS FRIDAY, September 11th 8:00 am PST.

Boxes Ship Date: Second Week Of October


It's my birthday month + this is sure to be a really special box! 


Turquoise + Salt is taking the guesswork out of which beads to buy and how much to buy. You no longer have to dream of being constantly inspired to create, design and produce new waistbeads that are works of art! Your Waistbeads Dream Box will have beautiful brilliant colors, finishes and various sizes of beads all hand-picked and curated by Mimi Lynnette, the owner and Chief Creative Designer of Turquoise + Salt.


One size, One ​Full-Size Box:


Approx. 5 Pounds of Glass Beads

Needle + Thread


Finishes may include Ceylon, Frosted/Matte, Silver Lined, AB (Rainbow coating), Opaque, Transparent Sizes include 6/0, 8/0, 11/0 Discounts + Coupon Codes are not applicable. Photos of beads are an example of bead quality.


Actual colors + bead size selection will vary.*Needle + Thread are included!

The Waistbeads Dream Box: September

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