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  • This is for a commitment of 3-months ($44/month).
  • After 3 months you may re-sign for another 3 months with an option to cancel.
  • You are responsible for the shipment of products to the space and if you should end your subscription, you are responsible for the return of all unsold products back to your destination of choice.
  • You are responsible for keeping your shelf well stocked.
  • Shelf assignment is assigned on first come first served basis.
  • All payments are final. Pulling your products early will forfeit all funds payed previously and in advance for any remaining days + months.
  • Upon making a payment you will be sent a contract within 48 hours, detailing the above information that must be signed and sent back within 24 hours or your space is forfeited and your money refunded.
  • You will receive "Next Steps" for sending your products to us upon completion of the contract.

Top Shelf Reservation

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