What is a Manifest?

Traditionally, a manifest is a list created before transport and referred to along the entire length of the voyage that gives a detailed record of all goods + people upon a vessel.


OK! That makes sense...Now, what do I put in MY manifest + how does this relate to waistbeads?

You are the vessel. You are on an individual voyage through self while using the practice of mindfulness to guide you and waistbeads are the "goods" tied upon you, the vessel, serving as tools to aid your journey along the way.


The Purpose of Your Manifest

TIED acts as a journal. A safe space for you to align and record your thoughts, feelings, and energies ignited + fueled by the practice of mindfulness and intentional tying + adorning of waistbeads.


The space includes sections for you to record essential information for each strand. 

Name of Strand:


Measurements at the time of tying:

Energy of the Strand:




Accompanied By:

What are your intentions behind this strand?

What is your energy right now before being tied?

What energy shifts did you experience while being tied?

What is your energy right now after being tied?


+ Writing Prompts & Check-ins

+ Powerful Affirmations of Self-Love + Body Positivity 

Self-Care Rituals 

+ Food + Drink Recipes 

+ More!! 


Soft Cover. 222 pages. Ships Summer 2020

TIED:A Journal for Your Waistbeads Journey