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What Are waistbeads?

Deeply rooted in African tradition, they served many purposes varying by culture. I am a big fan of personal research. I encourage it. 

Some were worn to symbolize youth, fertility and womanhood. Many wore them only to be seen by their husband. 

I don’t enjoy the notion that the are worn for the pleasure of another (although men love them) they are for YOU! 

✨They are a great tool for practicing mindfulness. Helping you harness the energy you want around you and cultivate the energy you want within you. Keeping you present and aware of your physical and metaphysical pressure points. 

✨If you wish, they help you maintain, monitor and track your weight. 

✨Tying and wearing them is an act of self love and adornment and tapping into our feminine energy. 

✨Many of us symbolize the tying of them to setting/binding of our intentions.

✨they can also be used to draw out negative energy and things you want to get rid of in the body.

Spiritual Empowerment +

Intention Setting

Adorning yourself with a waist bead is more than aesthetics. Goddess Strands carry divine  energy derived from nature  that attract vibrations. Goddess Strands are intention based. You are tying them on for a reason. When you tie one on, you are manifesting the energy you seek to attract, securing the power of your personal commitments, and anchoring those vibrations  to yourself. Strands are also tied to commence celibacy.


Mimi is a mom, chef, entrepreneur, and dreamer with a passion for Women’s rights, Black rights, and love. She not only created her own natural body and hair care business, Body Culinaire, but for years also worked as a Chef and Food Operations specialist for some of LA’s top restaurants.


Mimi has not been featured in publications such as Glamour, Essence, Darling Magazine, the Huffington Post and Refinery29 but dreams of being featured one day! She holds a Culinary Degree from Le Cordon Bleu and has a 4-year old daughter named Xena, The Warrior Princess.


Mimi, a chef at heart, created Turquoise + Salt to feed and nourish the image women have of themselves by creating a tool to be used for practicing mindfulness.

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